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Research reveals that nearly 33% of a project manager’s day is spent correcting miscommunication. This costs organizations a collective billions of dollars annually, not to mention the lower productivity, performance, and morale among team members because of misunderstandings.


Peak Strategies is devoted to providing world-class organizational training, leadership development and executive coaching to project managers and other high potential personnel. We are committed to teach practical, useful skills to managers and executives though our workshops and coaching sessions. It is our mission to help your project and team excel with the interpersonal effectiveness strategies provided by Dr. Dawdy and Peak Strategies.


In painting a visual context of our programs and services, our I/O psychologist may be viewed as a ski-lift and our clients and program attendees may be viewed as the skiers. Skiers may see the peak and know that once at the peak, they can explore and expand their goals and experiences by trying new runs. Yet, without the ski lift they are caught at the bottom of the mountain, staring to the sky. This is where our professional programs and coaching are beneficial: We help guide the skiers (clients) to the peak so they can see the overall view, explore new terrain, and reach their potential. Without the ski lift, the trek to the peak may seem too difficult or impossible.


We are Project Management Institute Registered Education Providers (PMI REP’s) and we facilitate programs on-site, on-line, and through PMI Chapters.


Gwynne N. Dawdy has over twelve years experience combined in the fields of executive and life coaching, corporate psychology, counseling, leadership, motivation, sport psychology, and wellness.


Gwynne has a Ph.D. in Industrial/Organizational psychology, an MS specialized in sport psychology, and an MA specialized in counseling. Besides being an executive corporate trainer, organizational psychologist and personal coach, she is a National Certified Counselor who specializes in making relationships work.


Dr. Dawdy is a published author. Her four published book titles include: "My Social Compass: Time Tested Methods to Communicate Better, Understand Others & Keep Your Projects and Team at the Top", “Motivation & Inspiration: What Works (What Doesn’t) and Why”,” Pet Peeves & Problem People” and “Gimme Chocolate! (I’ve Had a Bad Day).”


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