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“I have attended many seminars and this has been the best workshop I’ve attended. Gwynne is innovative, fun and motivational.” ~ Marie McGovern, PMP: PMI Alamo, Frost Bank


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Take a moment to browse our site and the programs we offer. Whether your goal is to improve your team or your personal performance, we have something to fit your needs. Don’t see it? Call for information on customizing a program to suit your needs.


“Gwynne provided a useful framework for greater work-place understandings of fellow workers. She created an environment of enthusiasm and energy for the course topics.” Jim Sparks, PMP


Peak Strategies and Dr. Dawdy acknowledge that in order for training to be valuable, it needs to be focused on improving performance, not just offering content. The tools we give in our workshop are designed to improve performance. However, knowing the information and having the tools is not enough. Participants must be accountable to actually put the tools and knowledge to use. In order to feel comfortable enough to do this, our workshops include an effective and nonjudgmental environment in which to practice those skills.


The Social Compass material covers an area of project management that is not well documented or covered elsewhere. One or two tricks and techniques learned in this workshop could drive huge dividends in overcoming problems on your team.” Carol Maher, PMP, LSG Sky Chefs