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The focus of our coaching and training is to help clients adjust to change, strengthen leadership skills, achieve personal and professional objectives, stretch and fulfill their potential, strengthen their relationships, manage conflict, gain a sense of balance, and reach their peak of success.

These objectives can be achieved through personal or executive coaching, and on-site or open-enrollment trainings.


One study by a Fortune 500 Firm, Pyramid Resource Group and MetrixGlobal LLC found that coaching produced a 529% return of investment and benefits to the Fortune 500 firm.

“In a recent study, training alone improved leadership skills by 22%. When combined with Executive Coaching, improvement jumps to 77%." Fortune Magazine

Another study researched the executive coaching effects in a public sector municipal agency. One of the results noted that “Most importantly, training, when augmented with coaching, yielded productivity increases almost four times the level achieved by training alone (88 percent.).” Public Personnel Management, Winter, 1997.

“New England region of Met Life…had boosted sales by nearly 60%. Bradford attributes her unorthodox approach and her uncommon results to a secret weapon: her executive coach” So You’re a Player. Do You Need a Coach? Fortune Magazine, 2000.

A case study reported one hospital’s take on coaching, “Having somebody from the outside come in to coach people was valuable. I was skeptical at first about how well this could work. But I found it worked very well. We got our money’s worth” A Hospital’s Cure for Management Headaches: An Executive Coaching Case Study. Training & Development, 1994, 48 (2).